Solar Automatic Outdoor Lights


LET THE BEAUTY OF YOUR HOUSE BE SEEN AT NIGHT TOO!! Get all the compliments from your neighbors and visitors alike, Scare Away Thieves and Intruders.

Get this exclusive Solar Powered Automatic Outdoor Lights Today and Stand out in your Neighbourhood. Show off the beauty of your home, You earned it.

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Our Solar Powered Automatic Light provides lighting for your courtyard, gardens, sidewalks, lawns, and corridors adding a beautiful scene for the night view.

Just place it where lighting is needed at night. 

No need to replace wiring or batteries, use free solar energy!

SolSolar Automatic Outdoor Light


Solar automatic outdoor light


It turns your HOUSE into a PALACE & keeps Yourself & Family Protected.


Solar Power

This LIGHT is SOLAR powered, No External Batteries, QUALITY GUARANTEED, No Expert Installation, Auto-ON.

Solar Automatic Garden Light

Durable & Easy to Install

This Solar outdoor light is very durable and bright. It is very easy to install and has auto turn on when it gets dark.

Solar Automatic Garden Light

High-Quality Material

You need to turn on the power button before installation, so it gets fully charged. It is waterproof and works in extreme weather conditions.

Solar Automatic Garden Light

More Benefits For You

  • Upgraded Led Buried lamps for Garden Lawn Yard
  • Durable and stylish stainless steel finish!
  • Solar-powered ground light
  • Comes with auto-on dusk to dawn sensor
  • No wiring required and safe to use around children and pets
  • A 600ma Ni-MH rechargeable battery included
  • Ideal for areas where conventional electrical supply is not available

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Solar Garden Light Reviews




All lights, however, must have direct sunlight to get fully charged.


Bright Solar Path Lights: Unlike other’s 6 LEDs, our solar ground lights consist of 8 LED lights which means producing more light for your path,600 mAh Ni-MH battery. 


Easy To Install: Turn on the switch under the cap and push the stake into the soil. These solar path lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn! 


High power efficiency, the ground solar light’s energy conversion rate can be up to 14%. Note: when you receive the package, please put the item in a sunny place for charging all day.


The item needs to be charged by solar energy before it can be lit.

If it still can’t be lit after solar charging, please contact the seller and we will help you solve it. Call/Whatsapp 08109923711.


Solar Garden Light


Our Solar Automatic Outdoor Light is weatherproof which is suitable for garden lighting, lawn lighting, pathway lighting, work entrances, and hospitality venues. 


It can offer a charming and decorative glow to those areas while providing safety and visibility at night. 


No wiring means easy installation. And the sun-powered light makes extremely low maintenance.


Warning Tips:


Position your solar light product in a location where it can be exposed to maximum sunlight during the day.

Do not try to position your solar light in a place where solar radiation is reduced, eg. under trees or shrubs.



The solar disk lights automatically switch on at night via the built-in light sensor.

This sensor may not work if the lights are positioned in a location where bright light falls on the unit during the dark hours, e.g. from another outdoor lamp.



The lights are not as bright as a street light or security light, this is more of a beautifying light giving your home that touch of beauty and class.


Solar Garden Light



We offer the best price available for top-notch quality.


We have a very fast delivery period, depending on your location, we deliver within 2 – 4 days.


We offer you a 2-year warranty.


We Have 30 Day Refund Policy. That is, if you don’t get satisfaction from your purchase, you are entitled to a 100% Refund. No questions asked. All you need do is to contact us.




how to install solar garden light

You can put them on the ground, mount them with the hook and loop strips or better still place them on the floor or ground to deliver the right look to your home and entire surrounding.



 Package list:

8 * Solar Lawn lights

8 * Spikes

1    User Manual



Light color: White/Warm Light

Waterproof level: IP65

Solar panel: 2v 100ma

Lighting time: sustainable lighting about 8-10 hours

Light body light source: 8 LED

Battery: 1pc 1.2V Ni-MH 600mAh

Material: stainless steel + high-durable ABS

Size: about 15 * 12 * 24 c



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


How does this work?

It absorbs the sun’s energy in storage cells converting solar power to electricity and thus supplying.

They turn on when the lights go down, that is, it does not work during daylight but works ONLY after DAY OUT (At night ) giving you 10 hours of light and they turn off automatically. Or you can manually turn them off or on if you wish.


Where Can I Fix This?

You can fix it in your Lawns, Gardens, Staircase, Hallways, Compound, or any area around the house that can gain access to sunlight.


Place your order while stock last. 

Payment on Delivery

2-4 Days Delivery depending on your location.


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